Leader of Iranian-backed Shia militia seen inside Syrian military ops room

Haidar al Jubouri, as seen in the command center, with his back turned to the camera.

Haidar al Jubouri, also known as Abu Shahad, the leader of the Iranian-backed Liwa Zulfiqar, was spotted in a recent video from a Syrian military operations command room in Deraa. The video offers further proof of the integration of Liwa Zulfiqar into Syrian command structure.

According to Liwa Zulfiqar’s Facebook page, Jubouri is seen sitting with various Syrian military officers and other commanders who are coordinating with forces on the front lines. The operations room reportedly belongs to Syria’s 4th Division, as Ghaith Dalla, the commander of the division, can be seen at the head of the table. The operations room was reportedly for the village of Saida in rural Deraa province, where a major Assad offensive is taking place. Jubouri can be seen talking on a radio with forces on the ground while watching a live feed of the battle from drone footage overhead.

Liwa Zulfiqar had previously advertised its presence in the Deraa offensive by posting a series of photos and statuses on Facebook. Further proving its presence in Deraa, the group also released photos of a purported assassination attempt of Jubouri and its military commander Abu Mahdi al Kanani.

Another Iranian-backed group, Liwa al Fadl al Abbas, which is officially integrated into Syria’s Republican Guard, is also taking part in the Deraa offensive. Its Facebook page is littered with photos and videos showing its involvement and presence within the larger offensive.

Despite claims to the contrary, Iranian-backed groups are indeed taking part in the Deraa offensive. However, at least two of these groups are officially integrated into Syrian command structure, thus blurring the lines between the two.

Haidar Jubouri communicating with forces on the front:

Only half of Jubouri’s face can be seen in the video:

Caleb Weiss is a contributor to FDD's Long War Journal.

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