France Develops a Successor for the MICA Missile

The French armament directorate (DGA) has launched a development program that will modernize the MICA air/air and surface/air missile, introducing a new generation of the weapon (MICA NG).

The need for modernization is determined by the obsolescence of the current MICA that was first introduced in 1996. All current missiles of this family are planned to be phased out of service by 2030. The missile development will continue through 2026. Production and initial deliveries to the French Air Force and Navy are expected to continue through 2031.

Maintaining the size, weight and electronic interfaces of the current missile, MICA NG will provide the most effective successor to MICA. With an improved seeker and new propulsion, it will have the agility and performance to cope with modern threats and countermeasures. The new generation will maintain the same MICA versions – a passive (infra-red homing) and active (RF seeker).

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