India Deploys Rafale Combat Planes as Twin Threats From China, Pakistan Loom

India will deploy its Rafale combat aircraft to Ambala in Haryana and Hashimara in West Bengal in a bid to counter future war threats from China and Pakistan.

A government official was quoted saying that an IAF squadron composed of 18 Rafale planes will be deployed to the two regions, India Today reported. The jets were supposed to be sent to Sarsawa air station in Uttar Pradesh, but this could not reportedly be finalized because of issues related to land acquisitions.
After China aggressively patrolled the eastern and northern borders and its increased defense ties with Pakistan, India is preparing itself for a two-front ware and developing infrastructure on both sides. On the eastern front, the Hasimara air base, which is near China’s border, would see Rafale planes replacing the existing MiG 27 squadrons.

Last September, India signed an $8.78 billion contract for 36 Rafale planes from France. Rafale jets feature cutting-edge missiles including the Scalp and Meteor, which is a BVR air-to-air missile with a range more than 150 kilometers. The Indian Air Force has rated Rafale planes higher than Su-30 MKIs.


Rafales are twin-engine Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) manufactured by >Dassault Aviation, a French firm. Rafale fighter jets are positioned as ‘omnirole’ aircrafts that capable to perform a wide-range of combat roles such as  air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, ground support, in-depth strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deterrence.

The fighter deal is part of a $150-billion military overhaul India has launched, drawing global arms makers into one of the world’s biggest markets.

The deal will generate business worth at least three billion Euros for Indian companies, both big and small, and generating hundreds of jobs in India through offsets.

The Rafale fighter jets, deliveries of which will start in 36 months and finished in 66 months from the date contract is inked, come equipped with state-of-the-art missiles such as Meteor and Scalp that will give the Indian Air Force a capability that had been sorely missing in its arsenal.

The armaments cost about 710 million Euros while Indian specific changes, including integration of Israeli helmet mounted displays, will cost 1700 million Euros. Rest of the cost include spare parts, maintenance among others.

Besides other features that make the Rafale a strategic weapon in the hands of the IAF is the Beyond Visual Range Meteor air-to-air missile with a range in excess of 150 KM. Its integration on the Rafale jets will mean the IAF can hit targets inside both Pakistan and across the northern and eastern borders while still staying within India’s own territorial boundary.

Scalp, a long-range air-to-ground cruise missile with a range in excess of 300 km, also gives the IAF an edge over its adversaries.SCALP is the air-launched low-observable long-range, conventionally armed, deep strike weapon, designed to meet the demanding requirements of pre-planned attacks against high value fixed or stationary targets.

SCALP is able to be operated in extreme conditions, the weapon offers operators a highly flexible, deep-strike capability based around a sophisticated mission planning system. According to MBDA officials, SCALP can be integrated into both upgraded Mirage-2000 and Rafale fighter jets.

Rafale has an AESA radar which is operational.IAF has good opinion about Dassault and they are comfortable with their products.Many weapons of Rafale and Mirage 2000 can be used interchangeably.

Russia has agreed to sync their Anti-Radiation missile Kh-31PD with the Rafale which will make it more potent.)





Source:- China Topix and Business Today

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