Iran makes six satellites to put into orbit

Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi made the remarks through a twitter message on the threshold of putting Zafar 1 and 2 satellites into orbit in coming days.

Speed of production has accelerated, so the speed of sending satellites into orbit should get faster, Azari-Jahromi wrote.

He then asked people to select a name for a geometric satellite with one-meter precision to start being built by Amir Kabir University scholars as of today.

Further, he described such a move as unique.

On January 19, the ICT minister tweeted that Zafar 1 and 2 Satellites have successfully been tested and will be put into orbit soon.

Zafar carries S&F consignment which provides features such as broadcasting a single message to all users, establishing one-way voice communication between two users, and sending a message to 256 direct users.

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