‘Post Galwan battle, Chinese soldiers were in a state of panic’

Source:-‘Post Galwan battle, Chinese soldiers were in a state of panic’

The psychological evaluation and other related tests done on Indian Army officers and jawans who were in the custody of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for at least 60 hours, if not more, have given significant insights into the minds of Chinese soldiers who were a part of the action in the Galwan Valley that took place on 15 June.

These 10 men, who include two Majors and two Captains, were in “surprisingly” high spirits and upbeat even after spending more than two days in the custody of China’s People’s Liberation Army. Inputs accessed by The Sunday Guardian post the debriefing of these 10 men, revealed that the outnumbered and “unarmed” (as the rules required them to be) Indian troops, rather than retreating in view of the huge number of Chinese soldiers, grabbed the improvised clubs and rods that the Chinese were using to batter Indian soldiers, and used the same to kill “at least” 20 Chinese soldiers and officers at patrol point 14.

“This was one reason for the high morale of our troops who came back to us on Thursday. Our men were captured after they chased the Chinese into their area of domination, with the intention to kill them after hearing of the loss of their CO, Colonel Santosh Babu. The Chinese soldiers, seeing the unexpected attack from our men, started fleeing and running back to their area and were followed by our men, who were then captured”, the official stated.

The debriefing of the 10 men has also revealed that the Chinese soldiers were in a state of shock and fear after the Indian soldiers replied with “sheer fighting force” to the treacherous attack by the Chinese. During the next 60 plus hours, the Chinese soldiers were highly anxious about a possible retribution from the Indian side and were in “panic-mode”. “They (Chinese soldiers) were very scared during the time our men were in their captivity. They had witnessed raw fighting spirit just hours before, as executed by a few of our men and the Chinese soldiers were anticipating the same treatment from a much larger number of our men in the next few hours”, said an official source, who is aware of the findings of the debriefing.

According to intelligence agency sources, there was a lot of resentment on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo over what happened to the PLA men who lost their lives on the night of 15 June. “People are sharing pictures of the funeral procession of Indian soldiers and their cremation which was done with full state honours, and are asking what happened to their own men. Not a single information has been released identifying the names and ranks of the PLA men who died on 15 and 16 June. This is causing a lot of discussions on local social media platforms”, the official added.

These revelations have confirmed the much talked about military hypothesis that the Chinese army, which has not been engaged in any real military operation that involves real opponents—and not just simulated war games which China does “loudly” for the entire world to notice—is more than likely to falter in real battlefields because they do not have any experience of what happens during a real war. “They, for the first time, on the night of 15 June, came across the real face of the Indian Army, which despite being outnumbered, inflicted fatalities on their opponents. The Chinese soldiers were horrified by what they saw”, said the official quoting a portion of the debriefing session. Troops in India and the United States, on the contrary, have been engaged in real wars and battles for decades now.




Source:  Sunday Guardian Live

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