Hungary First to Join German A400M Transport Pool

(Source: Bundeswehr; issued Sept. 17, 2020)

German Air Force Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz (L) and his Hungarian counterpart, Maj. Gen. Nándor Killián opened the Multinational Air Transport Unit at the Wunstorf air base on Sept. 17. (Bundeswehr photo)

With the Multinational Air Transport Unit (MNAU), an international A400M pool is being established at Wunstorf Air Base, and Hungary is the first partner nation to stand by Germany's side.

With a decision in 2017, the Federal Ministry of Defense authorized the Air Force to set up a new air transport association with multinational participation, in addition to operating its own fleet of 40 new A400M air transport aircraft. Since then, the Air Force has been developing the basis for the multinational transport pool known as the “Multinational Air Transport Unit (MNAU).”

With the establishment of the implementation team, marked by the first staff member of the MNAU in Wunstorf, the first step of this plan has now been put into practice. Hungary is Germany's first international partner. “The establishment of the implementation team of the Multinational Air Transport Unit is another milestone in multinational military air transport. With the integration of the first technical officer of the Hungarian Air Force, the cooperation with our Hungarian partners begins,” says Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Inspector of the Air Force.

The first Hungarian technical officer has moved to Wunstorf. He is now supporting his German comrades in their work on the Air Force's most modern military transport aircraft.

MNAU will operate from Lechfeld in the future

In future, the MNAU will be based at Lechfeld air base. It is planned to station ten A400M there in order to set up a second A400M location in addition to Wunstorf. Member nations of the MNAU will have the opportunity to bundle their need for flight hours and air transport. This not only protects the climate, but also saves considerable costs and resources.

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