Spain Invites Airbus CEO to Madrid A400M Meeting

Spain Invites the CEO of Airbus to the Meeting In Madrid of Countries Participating In the A400M Program

The Secretary of State for Defense, Agustín Conde, has invited the Airbus CEO, Tom Enders, to the meeting of nations participating in the A400M program, to be held on 30 March in Madrid.

The invitation, agreed today by all participating countries (Spain, Germany, UK, France, Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg) comes a day after Enders asked these countries for a government-level meeting. The CEO of Airbus yesterday surprised these seven countries with statements to the media about different issues that affect the current development of the program.

In this way, Conde invites Enders to inform the Secretaries of State about the problems that occurred in the A400M program.

A400M Program

The A400M is a very versatile transport aircraft, capable of serving as a tactical air-to-air refueling aircraft by supplying fuel to other transport aircraft, including other A400Ms.

Powered by four turbo-propeller engines, with a maximum take-off weight of 141 Tm and a maximum payload of 30 Tm at 2,450 NM at a speed of 0.68 Mach, this aircraft is capable of flying at speeds and altitudes similar to that of aircraft Reaction and intercontinental distances, as well as operating on unprepared runways near the center of the action, whether military or humanitarian aid.

The A400M was launched in 2003 in response to the combined needs of seven European countries grouped within OCCAR (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom) to which Malaysia joined in 2005.

Spanish plants

The role of the Spanish plants of Airbus Defense and Space Spain represents the epicenter of the A400M program. The San Pablo plant in Seville houses the Final Assembly Line (FAL), the Flight Testing Center, the Delivery Center and the Training Center for Crews and Ground Personnel. Likewise, the plants of Getafe, Tablada and Centro Bahía de Cádiz play an essential role for the development of the program.


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