Electro-magnetic energy module developed for Railgun

A new High Energy Pulsed Power Container with twice the energy density than existing railgun pulsed-power solutions has been developed by General Atomics.

The HEPPC system can reduce the number of pulsed power containers required for the launch projectiles from a railgun weapon system, providing greater flexibility for future Navy and Army railgun applications, the company said.

"For the past decade, GA-EMS has provided pulsed power in support of the Navy's railgun program," Nick Bucci, vice president for Missile Defense and Space Systems at General Atomics Electromagnetics Systems, said in a press release.

"Our next generation HEPPC breaks our own energy density record and exceeds the capabilities of other available railgun pulsed power container solutions.

"What we have packed into a 10-foot standard shipping container is equivalent to what is currently available in a 20-foot shipping container, doubling the energy density to provide greater flexibility for ship and land-based installations and maneuverability for mobile applications."

The Railgun being developed for the U.S. Navy relies on electro-magnetic power to launch a projectile or hybrid missile instead of explosives or a propellant.

The Railgun can launch a hybrid missile at a muzzle velocity greater than twice those of conventional guns.

GA-EMS said it internally funded the development of the HEPPC in support of a Multi-mission Medium Range Railgun Weapons System, which integrates pulsed power, launcher, hybrid missile, and fire control technologies.

Each HEPPC includes high-energy pulsed power modules with an energy content of more than 415 kilojoules per module.

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