‘Indian Navy has been far superior since ages’

“The reach of Indian sailors in the times of Mayan and Inca civilizations that thrived in Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Egypt, Mesopotamia and many other countries was far bigger and showed their capability,” said MK Alkari, a researcher, on Tuesday.

He was speaking at a lecture organized by Jyeshtha Nagarik Mandal (South) on ‘Bharatiya Armarachi Tejasvi Parampara’ at Samaj Bhavan, Sneh Nagar. “There are numerous instances in history which show the importance of Indian Navy of the ancient times. Coins used in Sindhu culture had a seal of ships while scriptures in Ajanta caves give the proof of importance of navy in the India,” said Alkari.

Talking about the discovery of India, the researcher said, “We are taught that Vasco Da Gama discovered India. But, according to Vishnu Wakadkar, a researcher who studied history in London, found in a book written by Vasco Da Gama himself that he was led by an Indian trader to India by towing his ship.”

Alkari emphasized that the ships built in India were four times bigger than those in Europe. Most of the Indian-made ships were used by the European traders. He also said that the Indian ships were not only bigger in size but were developed as lavish royal and strong warfare carriers.

“After the 13th century, the navy of India did not exist on a large scale for at least 400 years. Even the mighty Mughal kings had to pay taxes to Portugal if they had to go to Mecca,” said Alkari.

“Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the first Indian king who created a superior naval force and advanced his reach in the seas. Such was the power that even Portugal and the British feared the navy of Shivaji,” added Alkari.
The naval forces of India ‘died’ because of the British colonial rule.

The Britishers knew about the power and development of Indian navy so they banned buying our ships in Britain. This led to the decline in the development of Indian ships, he added.







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