India to go ahead with efforts to secure NSG bid despite China’s stand

Despite China’s adamant stand against India’s entry into the prestigious Nuclear Supplier’s Group (NSG), India announced on Thursday that it wouldn’t stop its efforts to work towards securing the membership of the elite group.

“Our efforts for an NSG membership will continue. We will continue to be engaged with member countries. Our efforts will continue and there will be no let up in our efforts,” Gopal Baglay, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson, said.

Slimming India’s chance of entering the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), China HAD said on Monday that there is no change in its stance on the admission of non-NPT countries into the ‘elite club’.

Based on the consensus principle, China’s support is highly important for India’s membership into the NSG, a PTI report said.

“China’s position on the non-NPT members’ participation in the NSG has not changed,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing.

The Chinese spokesperson was responding to a question about India’s chances of joining the group during next month’s plenary session expected to be held in the Swiss Capital of Bern, the report said.

“We support the NSG group following the mandate of the 2016 Seoul plenary session and following building consensus as well as the inter-governmental process is open and transparent to deal with the relevant issue in a two-step approach,” Hua said.

The plenary session of the NSG is likely to be held in the Swiss capital Bern next month, but the chances of any breakthrough on India’s entry into the elite group still look slim, given China’s persistent opposition to it.

India on its part has been continuing its effort to get the support of other members of the grouping.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Germany, Spain, Russia and France next week, the issue is expected to come up for discussion with the leaders of these four countries.






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