Ajit Doval’s US game plan : Get World’s best drones and tame China in sea

The one man who seems to be Prime Minister Modi’s most steady and unfailing top executive is National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

For months, Doval has been working round the clock to convince the US to deliver the Guardian hi-tech Spy Drones to Indian Navy. Besides forging Indo-US ties on anti-terror front, Doval is all set to procure Guardian Drones for India, the first for a non-NATO country.

Sources said that White House will formally announce the recently-approved $2 bn ‘Guardian’ drone deal for the Indian Navy, at the end of a meeting between Modi and Trump.

The deal’s clearance, apart from bolstering defence ties with India, gives a boost to India plans of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems that makes the predator drones. General Atomics is in talks with local companies in India to build next-generation weapons.

Sources in the PMO revealed to India Samvad that Doval met top US officials including Defence Secretary James Mattis when he visited Washington, March this year.

PM Modi wanted Doval to ensure that before the important meeting with President Trump, a senior official should be in constant touch with Mattis. Not surprising, Doval was the first Indian official to meet Mattis and discuss the core defence issues with him.

Defence relations with the US cover vast subject from weapon and platform sales to sharing of strategic vision in the Indian Ocean region where China is increasing its presence.

Sources said that Mattis was impressed by Doval and promised all support to India on the strategic relationship.

In fact, Doval’s game plan is to tame Chinese naval power in South Asia region. The Guardian drones, best in the breed, would enable the Indian Navy to see through every minor development stretching from the India Ocean to the South China Sea.

Earlier the US Pacific fleet commander Admiral Scott had expressed that China’s increased presence has been creating anxiety in the Indian Ocean.

Admiral Scott Swift, who met the civilian and military leadership of India, said Chinese ships, under the garb of One Belt, One Road project, were taking hectic mission around the Indian Ocean. He said that presence of Chinese fleet raises more questions than answers.

Admiral Scott assured of providing stability in the region and Guardian drones could be assets in this connection. A reason why the US has already given go ahead to clear the drone deal for the Indian Navy.





Source:- India samvad

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