Canadian Air Force C$46bn Equipment Plan Includes 88 New Fighters

The RCAF is an integrated, flexible, and highly responsive force that is able to project air power and support CAF and allied operations globally. Strong, Secure, Engaged ensures the Air Force is capable of a wide range of operations such as: space-based surveillance of Canadian territory and approaches; 24/7 aerial search and rescue; and assisting civil authorities as needed. RCAF space-based and aviation capabilities must be integrated, able to adapt to the latest technology, and interoperable with our allies.

We will:
-- Replace the CF-18 fleet with 88 advanced fighter aircraft, through an open and transparent competition, to improve CAF air control and air attack capability. This will allow us to fully meet both our NORAD and NATO commitments simultaneously;

-- Acquire space capabilities meant to improve situational awareness and targeting, including:
* Replacement of the current RADARSAT system to improve the identification and tracking of threats and improve situational awareness of routine traffic in and through Canadian territory;
*-Sensors capable of identifying and tracking debris in space that threatens Canadian and allied space-based systems (surveillance of space); and
*-Space-based systems that will enhance and improve tactical narrow- and wide-band communications globally, including throughout Canada’s Arctic region.
* Acquire new Tactical Integrated Command, Control, and Communications; radio cryptography; and other necessary communications systems;

--Replace the CC-150 Polaris with next generation strategic air-to-air tanker transport;

--Replace the CC-138 Twin Otter with utility transport aircraft;

--Replace the CP-140 Aurora with next generation multi-mission aircraft;

--Invest in medium altitude remotely piloted systems;

--Modernize short-range air-to-air missiles (fighter aircraft armament);

--Upgrade air navigation, management, and control systems;

--Acquire new aircrew training systems;

--Recapitalize or extend the life of existing capabilities in advance of the arrival of next generation platforms;

--Sustain domestic Search and Rescue capability, to include life extension of existing systems, acquisition of new platforms, and greater integration with partners; and

--Operationalize the newly acquired Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue aircraft fleet.

In addition, the Government continues to explore the potential acquisition of an interim aircraft to supplement the CF-18 fighter aircraft fleet until the completion of the transition to the permanent replacement aircraft.

The Government will provide $46.4 billion on an accrual basis ($64.4 billion on a cash basis) to fund equipment projects for the Royal Canadian Air Force over the next 20 years.

This includes:
--$20.1 billion over the next 20 years for 17 new RCAF equipment projects. As an example, this will deliver a Canadian Multi Mission Aircraft to replace the CP-140 Aurora Long Range Patrol Aircraft, allowing us to maintain our technological advantage over potential adversaries. Under the RCAF’s responsibility for space capabilities, portions of new investment will expand the Canadian Armed Force’s ability to use space-based assets in support of operations. This includes projects for enhanced communications in the North.

--$26.4 billion to fully fund planned equipment projects. This includes the fighter jet program which has been enhanced to ensure the RCAF can acquire 88 advanced fighter aircraft and will allow us to deliver on NORAD and NATO commitments without compromise. An open and transparent competitive process will be used to select Canada’s replacement fighter jet.

Click here for the full statement, with list of 17 new equipment projects, on the DND website.


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