World must mobilize to bring ISIS to account, says UN genocide adviser

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The world needs to mobilize to bring ISIS to account for its crimes, said the UN’s Adama Dieng, who is advocating for better documentation of ISIS atrocities and witness protection. 

“It is time for the international community to make every effort so that ISIL perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity be brought to justice. This cannot be the work of one country. The whole international community should get mobilized and there should be a very strong campaign for accountability against Daesh.”
Dieng has served as the UN’s Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide since 2012.
He was attending a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, “Post-ISIS Ninewa: The European Response.”
Dieng visited the Kurdistan Region in November 2015, meeting with Yezidi girls and women who had survived ISIS. “Still today, while I’m speaking, I am still very moved from what I have seen, what I have heard.”
He is advocating for increased efforts to document ISIS atrocities and protect witnesses, “because ultimately we are talking about justice.”
Nadia Murad, an ISIS survivor from the village of Kocho who was later selected as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, echoed that sentiment while visiting her hometown on June 1.
“My feeling today is the feeling of all the victims and it is that no one can bear what happened here, all this injustice,” she told Rudaw English. “For three years I’ve been asking the international community, but until now not even one ISIS has been put on trial.”

A Rudaw English exclusive seriesinvestigated the path to Justice after ISIS for survivors,including minority groups in the Kurdistani areas like Yezidis, Christians, Shabaks, Kakais and others. 

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from Rudaw
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