Doklam standoff: Indian Air Force chief says ready for any eventuality

As India explores diplomatic options to resolve the stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops in the Doklam plateau in Bhutan, the Indian Air Force is ready for any eventuality.

Chief of Indian Air Force Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa in an exclusive interview to Indian Today said, “We are ready for any eventuality. The stand-off on the ground continues, diplomatic options are being explored”.

Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in a face-off since June 6 when Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) moved into Doklam Plateau – claimed by both Bhutan and China – demolished bunkers and took away Bhutanese soldiers at gunpoint. India is treaty bound to help Bhutan. The Indian Army moved into Doklam to stop the Chinese from building a road through the disputed area.

 Although short on fighters the Indian Air Force is prepared for a “full spectrum” – or a two-front war. “For a full-spectrum war we need a certain number of squadrons which we don’t have immediately.  The government,” he said is “aware of the shortage.”

India has recently bought fighter aircrafts from France and the shortfall is likely to be made up soon, he said. “There has never been a two-front war,” Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said and added the point to ponder is whether the world will allow Pakistan to fight along with China and “world will permit it.

Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa was speaking to India Today to mark the 18th anniversary of Kargil war. The Kargil war – between India and Pakistan – came to end today in 1999. Then commanding a fighter squadron, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa flew several missions along the Line of Control – the de-facto border between India and Pakistan – destroying Pakistani ammunition dumps and strongholds.

Remembering the Kargil operations, the Air Chief said: “My worst moment was when Squadron Leader Ahuja was killed. Squadron leader Ahuja – who was bomb damage reconnaissance mission – was captured alive and shot dead by Pakistani forces when he ejected after being hit by a missile”.

The IAF could have “knocked off” the Pakistani supply lines and neutralised the Pakistani artillery that was firing into India if the IAF was allowed to cross the LoC during the Kargil war, Air Chief Marhsal B S Dhanoa said.

He was, however, quick to add that “every war is fought to achieve a political motive. The political objective then was to throw out the Pakistani soldiers who had crossed into India. That political objective was achieved”.

Besides, Pakistan was shown as belligerent country. Globally, India was able to take “moral high ground,” he told India Today.





Source:- TNN

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