KALI 5000:- India’s Top Secret Weapon that Pakistan China Fears

KALI 5000 is India’s warfare weapon under development which can stop missiles, air crafts, enemy satellites anything with an electric circuit inside it.KALI stands for Kilo Ampere Linear Injector. It is a linear electron accelerator being developed by DRDO( Defence Research and Development Organisation ) and BARC (Bhaba Atomic Research Centre ). KALI was developed by keeping an industrial mindset but later when the developers understood the great potential of KALI as a weapon, they researched further into the subject and now they are working towards fulfilling it.

The roots of KALI project extends back to 1985 when the Director of BARC, Dr.R Chidambaram thought of building an electron accelerating machine. The project started in in 1989 and was aimed to produce electron pulses of about 100 nano second duration with an energy of 1 Mega electron volt(MeV).This electron beam itself can be used for welding purposes. This Relativistic Electron Beams (REB) thus generated will be used for the generation of High Power Microwaves (HPM) & Flash X Rays (FXR).

This has fuelled hopes that the KALI could, one day be used in a High-Power Microwave gun, which could destroy incoming missiles and aircraft through soft-kill (destroying the electronic circuitry on the missile).It can be utilized as an Anti-satellite weapon by making it perfect with some medium range rocket and it very well might be an exact response to the Chinese hostile to satellite rocket.

It is designed to work in such a way that if a missile is launched in India’s direction, it will quickly emit powerful pulses of Relativistic Electrons Beams (REB).

The U.S Air Force and Boeing have proclaimed an electromagnetic heartbeat weapon “CHAMP (Counter-hardware High-fueled Microwave Advanced Missile Project)”. Amid the test, a champ rocket effectively impaired its objective by terminating a powerful microwaves at a two story building loaded with PC and different hardware. Each PC inside went dim inside second, as did the structures whole electrical framework.

The test was successful to the point that it even crippled all camera recording the occasion. Through the span of 60 minutes, the champ rocket thumped out electrical frameworks at seven target structures, with almost no blow-back.

The KALI series which are KALI 80, KALI 200, KALI 1000, KALI 5000 and KALI 10000 are described as ‘Single Shot Pulsed Gigawatt Electron Accelerators’

The single shot devices use water filled capacitors to build the charge energy.The beams from the weapon can shatter any satellite and UAVs in no time

Its ability to emit powerful pulses of electrons and the conversion of electron energy into E.M. Radiation fuelled the hopes that the KALI could be used in a High-Power Microwave gun

The significant issues are to make it directional as electromagnetic heartbeat impact are non-directional. We need to make the air ship/UAV’s installed electronic gear sufficiently harder to support or sidestep the EMP produced to cripple the adversary’s electronic hardware. A comparative assurance framework may have been utilized as a part of CHAMP. The EMP impact ought not influence the correspondence with the base. This innovation must be utilized toward the begin of a war or at a moment that there is precise intel of an atomic assault from the foe.

The KALI’s potential as a beam weapon pose a big threat to China due to its military applications. The KALI-5000 was commissioned for use in late 2004.

However, application of KALI in defence field will take some time. The system is still under development, and efforts are being made to make it more compact, as well as improve its recharge time, which, at the present, makes it only a single use system.

There are also issues with creating a complete system, which would require development of many more components.


India is believed to have already conducted a successful test. There had been unconfirmed reports blaming India for the Siachen glacier avalanche in 2012 which has caused the death of around 135 Pakistani soldiers which the sources claim as a result of KALI’s successful test melting the hard ice sheets.

There have been reports of placing the weaponized KALI in an IL-76 aircraft as an airborne defense system.
Government of India has denied to give any information on this project due to its sensitiveness for national security.





Source:- Our Indian Army, StandForIndia,Wikipedia, QURA

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