Kurdish referendum council takes first meeting in Belgium

BRUSSELS, Belgium – A visiting high-level Kurdish referendum committee delegation headed by President Barzani held its first official meeting on Tuesday with the Belgian deputy prime minister and the defense ministry, reportedly discussing the Kurdistan Region's referendum vote on independence.
Rudaw correspondent Alla Shali reported from Brussels that the meeting would last until this evening and then the Kurdish delegation will meet with the president of the Flemish Region to be followed by bilateral meetings with EU leaders, and official meetings in the EU parliament.

The President of the Kurdistan Region and a high-level referendum council arrived in Brussels on Monday.
Hoshyar Zebari, who is a member of the delegation, told Rudaw yesterday that they are in Brussels with a clear message, which will be “presented to everyone, explained to them and will ask for their support.”
Zebari said Europe had its weight in the subject of Kurdish referendum, pointing out that they could also make up for much of the suffering of Kurds in the last century that was “caused by them” by supporting the upcoming referendum.
And that's why, he added, they are “in the heart of the European Union and its parliament,” seeking support.
This is the first diplomatic foreign trip of the Referendum Council.
Barzani's accompanying delegation consists of Kirkuk governor  Najmadin Karim; Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) representative Hoshyar Zebari; Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) representative Mohammed Hawdiyani; along with Falah Mustafa, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Department of Foreign Relations.
Among the delegations also are Mohammed Saaddadin, a Turkmen representative, along with Wahid Hurmuz, a Christian representative, and Sheikh Shamo, a representative for Yezidi Kurds.
The Kurdistan Region has announced its plans on September 25 to hold a referendum on independence.

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