LCA-Tejas SP-6 takes his First maiden flight While Tejas Completed First Year Journey in IAF

LCA SP-6 (LA-5006) quietly completed its first flight yesterday just in time to celebrate the 1-year completion of Light Combat Aircraft Tejas fighter jets Squadron with No. 45 Squadron (Flying Daggers) of Indian Air Force.

Interestingly fourth series production Light Combat Aircraft, Tejas-SP4 (LA-5004 ) completed its first flight in March but HAL will skip sequential test flight this time since SP6 will be airborne before SP5.

SP-5 and SP-6 both were assembled at different production line and SP-5 was assembled at Second production line which was earlier used as Kiran hangar. HAL has used erstwhile Kiran hangar to set up this additional production line which can produce three LCA Tejas per annum and 8 per annum with both production line.

After the initial flights, SP-6 will be the fifth member of Flying Daggers after it is handed over to Indian Air Force after few days. SP-5 will be next in line which will be making its initial first flight by next month as per media record while Flying Daggers with LCA-Tejas has been fine-tuning its operations.

Earlier and in a significant development, the Limited Series Production (LSP-4) aircraft from Tejas successfully fired the Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) missile Derby in radar mode on Thursday.The Test Pilot closely examines the aircraft before embarking for one of the most Crucial FOC Tasks where the Derby Missile in RADAR guided mode was fired from LCA Tejas LSP-4.

According to sources, the launch was ‘picture-perfect’ with the missile hitting the target bang on. The missile hit a maneuvering aerial target during Tejas’ critical weapon trials held at the interim test range in Chandipur. The aircraft took off from Kalaikunda base in West Bengal.

In a detailed press note the agencies have confirmed that the test met all desired parameters and have termed it a major step forward towards attaining the much awaited FOC certification. Outlining the test details the press note read “A safe separation was followed by missile guidance towards RADAR acquired target. The flawless launch was demonstrated with all on-board systems performing satisfactorily and the missile scored a direct hit on the target with complete destruction of it.”

The missile launch was performed in Lock-On after launch mode for a BVR target in the look down mode and the target was destroyed. The objective of the test was to assess the Derby integration with aircraft systems on-board Tejas including the aircraft avionics, fire-control radar, launchers and Missile Weapon Delivery System and to verify its performance. A safe separation was followed by missile guidance towards the radar-acquired target.

The Derby BVRAAM missile, which enables the aircraft strike aerial targets, has a defined operational range of over 50 kilometres. The missile which is capable of attaining speeds up to Mach 4 is guided by advanced and sleek active radar. Derby has been in operation with the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Navy for well over a decade.

Israel based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the manufacturer of Derby, is offering India I Derby-ER, which is an extended range version of the current missile. Derby-ER, which was revealed during Aero India-2015, will be capable of striking aerial targets as far as a 100 KMS away with pin point accuracy. The missile is being actively considered by India to arm the under development Tejas Mark-1A aircraft.

With this successful trial, sources confirm to Mathrubhumi that all tasks for the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) will now be achieved by December 2017.


Source:-, Image Copy Rights: Facebook Page:Tejas.lca


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