Poland to Buy SkyCeptor SHORADS Alongside Latest Patriot Version

“Signed memorandum states that the US government agrees to sell Poland Patriot missile system in the latest configuration, such as the one used by the US Army,” said the head of Ministry of Defence Mr. Antoni Macierewicz.

Modernization of the Air Defence is one of the priorities of long-term development plan of the Polish Armed Forces. The system is supposed to be mobile and allow to defend of selected areas - important objects, military groups and contingents located abroad.

WISŁA -- a medium-range system capable to work against ballistic missiles -- is part of the planned air defense system of Poland. Furthermore, WISŁA program will be completely integrated with SkyCeptor missiles and 360-degree Active Electronically Scanned Array radar.

“The first Patriot missile batteries are due to arrive to Poland by 2022,” added the Minister of National Defence. He noted that with the acquisition of rocket launcher HOMAR, it completes the overall structure of the Polish defence system – that is, an anti-missile shield that gives us complete security against any opponent possessing any weapon that threatens Poland.

Signed [of the] memorandum is the culmination of the long-term negotiations regarding purchasing the most advanced system in the world. Also, an important element of the signed memorandum is the polonization of the system PATRIOT.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The SkyCeptor missile, jointly developed by Raytheon and Rafael, is the same interceptor used by the Israeli David’s Sling air-defense system, where it is known as “Stunner.”)


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