Technica will support Air Force JWICS


Technica will support Air Force JWICS

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Technica with the task of supporting the improvement and sustainment of the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Systems (JWICS).

Technica will bring standardization and operational security to the system of servers and networks that provides data storage, communication, and software protection to the force. “Centralized cybersecurity initiatives on [Air Force] JWICS provide better command and control, incident response, and insider threat mitigation,” explained Melanie Weems, Branch Chief for Air Combat Command’s cyberspace ISR program earlier this year.

With the Air Force JWICS, “mission owners no longer have to plan, budget, operate or maintain common IT services, releasing those resources back into…the mission area,” she said. Technica will be asked to ensure that the JWICS meets network community standards, as well as the necessary security parameters. The contract extends to support of the 625th Air and Space Communications Squadron, as well.

It comes in the wake of a major Air Force JWICS consolidation and standardization initiative, first announced in the spring. The consolidation effort included the migration of more than 100 unique sites with 38 domains, according to the Air Force.

The goal was to create a streamlined enterprise system that could be managed from a centralized source and that uses standardized operating practices across all access points, according to the Air Force. “We are removing dependence on outside sources and standardizing networks and naming conventions, in addition to ensuring all anti-virus scans and security updates are run in a timely manner,” said Weems. “With all JWICS programs running from a single location, collaboration will be easier and will better ensure the mission needs are met quickly and efficiently.”

In terms of cyber security, JWICS controls software program patches and anti-virus operations, according to Michael DiCosimo, Project Manager for JWICS migration contracts. The Air Force JWICS is also the system through which all active directory authentications run when air force personnel login to access their secure information.

Without system standardization, user access was non-transferable between assignment posts. Now that the domains have been centralized and are no longer controlled by individual units, personnel can access their accounts almost anywhere, according to statements by an Air Force spokesperson. The Network Centric Solutions–2, or NETCENTS–2 contract, designates $33 million for Technica’s support operations. Work will be based out of Joint Base San Antonio, Texas and Wright Patterson’s Air Force Base Dayton, Ohio.

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