Macron: France won’t prevent ‘democratic process’ but seeks stable Iraq

NEW YORK, United States – French President Emmanuel Macron said they would never prevent any “democratic process” when asked about the Kurdistan independence referendum to be held on September 25, but stressed the need to keep Iraq stable.

Rudaw’s Majeed Gly asked Macron about a joint initiative by France, Turkey, and the UN that aims to provide an alternative in place of the referendum, and why France wants to prevent a democratic process despite their historic relation with the Kurds.

“France will never become part of an initiative which would prevent… a democratic process. As you said, France has a historic relation with the Kurdish nation, in particular in Iraq,” Macron said.

He added that he has great respect for the Kurdish people, for defending their values and history.

But, France wants Kurdistan to consider supporting Iraq and not separation, he said.

“I would invite President Barzani to make that referendum, if he wants to hold it, a referendum where they express their will in the Iraqi institutions, not for a separation that will have a negative impact on the rest of the region,” said Macron.

He explained that Iraq needs territorial and political stability and for the prime minister “not to be weakened.”

“France is seeking stability in Iraq,” said Macron, adding his hopes that the Iraqi government can achieve “a political balance which respects all minorities, in particular the Kurds.”

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from Rudaw
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