China's New Stealth Bombers to Carry More Deterrent Power

Chinese military magazine Aerospace Knowledge recently sighted the H-20, the new generation of Chinese bomber aircraft, which was confirmed by experts to be a stealth aircraft and also more powerful as it could be equipped with nuclear and conventional weapons.

China's new generation H-20 has been under development by the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute since 2008, reported Russian media on Monday, saying the research is highly confidential in China and no details had previously been leaked.

China needs long-range advanced bombers that can carry up to 10 tons of weapons without aerial refueling, an unnamed military expert was quoted by the report as saying.

"The new generation of bombers can carry more bombs than the H-6K bombers, has the advantage of stealth features, and is able to strike targets from standoff ranges," Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

Song said that China has made technological breakthroughs in its new generation of aircraft and also possesses proprietary technology, while stressing that "the new generation of bombers should be high-tech aircraft."

"The new generation will be released in two years and enlist in the army within four to five years," Song said.

"The exposure indicated that the technology has entered its mature stage," Song noted.

The expert believed that the bomber is now even able to conduct test flights.

The H-20 could improve the air force in both defensive and offensive capabilities, which will "enable the army to possess stronger nuclear and conventional deterrence," Song said.


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