SFDR: India tastes only partial success in Ramjet test

Source:-SFDR: India tastes only partial success in Ramjet test

A landmark missile test — acclaimed as a unique achievement placing India in a select set of nations with Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet — did not fully demonstrate the technology it claimed before the weapon tumbled and crashed after firing, telemetry studies undertaken after the launch have shown.

Sources have told ET that the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) test carried out on Wednesday succeeded only in the initial booster stage but did not activate the second leg that is crucial to propel a missile for a longer distance. As result, the missile crashed before the technology could be fully tested.

This solid fuel-based propellant technology is being developed for use on a new class of next generation missiles to more than double their range and speed to take down enemy targets. Applications include air-to-air missiles and surface-to-air weapons that will power future indigenous defence projects.

While it was an initial trial and more tests would be required to master the technology that greatly enhances the range of a missile by doing away with the need of an oxidizer, the failure to activate the Ramjet during the flight will be examined. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) officials said the Ramjet activation would be demonstrated in a later flight.


It is learnt that the booster phase of the test was successfully carried out that took the missile to high speed. However, the booster did not separate from the missile, resulting in the sustainer Ramjet engine not being tested. This could now be carried out in subsequent tests.

Telemetry studies confirmed that the missile tumbled and crashed after the booster stage. The booster for the yet to be named missile has been developed by DRDO while the Ramjet engine is being developed with Russian assistance. In response to ET queries, DRDO said that all mission objectives were met during the test but confirmed that the Ramjet was not engaged.

An official statement said that the technology of “nozzle less booster has been successfully demonstrated in the mission for the first time in the country”. The French Meteor air-to-air missile uses the Ramjet technology, giving them a range of close to 300 km — a cutting edge on the aerial battlefield.






Source:- ET

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