Bundestag Clears €594M for Meteor and AARGM Missiles, Marder Upgrade

(Source: German Ministry of Defence; issued Dec. 12, 2019)

With the decisions of the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag on Wednesday, a total of around 594 million euros will be invested in the capabilities of the Bundeswehr.

This extends the service life of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, procures additional Meteor guided missiles, maintains the capabilities to combat enemy air defense and increases the number of route clearance systems. Germany is also getting involved in a European digital radio development project.

Marder with a new drive train

New powertrains for the Marder armored personnel carriers are being procured for around 109 million euros. A total 71 vehicles of the A5 and A5A1 mine-protected variants of the Marder fleet are to be converted.

Together with the components that are no longer used, the supply of spare parts for the armored personnel carriers is guaranteed until at least 2030, after which they will be replaced by the Puma infantry combat vehicle.

More missile Meteor on the way

A further 100 units are procured of the Meteor medium-range air-to-air missile system; around 185 million euros are earmarked for their manufacture and delivery, including accessories. The Bundeswehr is thus fulfilling the NATO requirements for the Eurofighter air-to-air and multi-role operations.

Protect our air operations

In order for our own aircraft to operate safely in the airspace, enemy ground air defenses must be engaged. Among the European NATO nations, Germany and Italy play this role with the Tornado.

In order to continue to comply with the deployment rules with regard to target tracking and precision, the missiles intended for this purpose must be converted. For about 127 million euros, 85 High Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (AGM-88B HARM) will be converted to the state-of-the-art AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) standard.

Integration and approval into the Tornado weapon system will cost another 68 million euros. This will maintain the “Suppression of Enemy Air Defense” (SEAD) capability in future.

Keep the road clear

Four vehicles fitted with a manipulator are being procured for the defense against Improvised Explosive Devices, and five troop vehicles and four detector vehicles in service will be converted at a cost of about 15 million euros. This also includes spare parts and adjustments to the sensors.

Explosive devices can thus be cleared and rendered ineffective, for example in streets, in order above all to avoid endangering soldiers.

Communicate digitally

Germany can now contribute around 80 million euros to the “European Secure Software Defined Radio” program. Tactical radio should become platform-independent and interoperable. France, Italy, Poland, Finland and Spain are also partners in this project.

The Bundeswehr is thus investing about 594 million euros to reinforce its capabilities. The funds released on Wednesday are based on the so-called “25-million euro template,” which includes all procurement projects of the Bundeswehr whose investment volume exceeds 25 million euro. They require the separate approval of the Budget Committee of the Bundestag.


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