Bundestag Clears €2.1 Bn for Bundeswehr IT, GBU-54 Bombs, RBS-15 Mk3 Missiles

(Source: German Ministry of Defence; issued Sept. 10, 2020)

A Germany Navy K-130 corvette fires a Saab RBS15 Mk. 3 anti-ship missile. A new batch of these missiles, worth €285 million is one of three major projects authorized yesterday by the Bundestag’s budget committee. (GE MoD photo)

The budget committee of the German Bundestag has given the green light for important investments in IT information technology, new precision-guided ammunition for the air force and other guided missiles for the navy. New contracts can now be concluded for a total of around 2.1 billion euros.

This means that important investments can now be made in the Bundeswehr. The various projects financed strengthen the capabilities and readiness of the Bundeswehr in the long term.

Digitization is advancing

The service contract with the in-house IT information technology company BWI is to be changed again. For a total of around 1.6 billion euros, BWI services are to be commissioned between 2021 and 2027. The contract promotes digitization in the armed forces and, above all, in the health system of the Bundeswehr.

New precision armament for Eurofighter

With the GBU-54 precision-guided bomb, the Eurofighter is to receive another highly accurate armament. This ammunition is guided, suitable for all weather conditions and intended for short-range engagements.

With a mass of around 230 kilograms, its explosive force is only half that of the GBU-48. The GBU-54 can also be guided to the target using a laser.

The Bundeswehr can now sign contracts for around 213 million euros and buy 2,290 steering systems and detonators as well as 910 bombs. Test material and training materials are also included in the intended contract volume.

More guided missiles for corvettes

The Navy is to receive additional guided missiles for the K130 class corvettes, which can be used to fight both sea and land targets.

Up to 160 units of the RBS15 Mk3 missile can now be ordered as part of a framework contract. Of these, 75 of these long-range guided missiles and corresponding accessories are already the object of a firm order.

The financial volume for this is 285 million euros. For a further six million euros, the necessary IT information technology components and test material are to be procured.

The additional RBS15 Mk3 guided missiles will maintain and improve the capabilities and operational readiness of the German Navy’s corvettes.

25 million euro threshold

The projects approved by the budget committee of the German Bundestag on September 9, with a total volume of around 2.1 billion euros, were submitted as 25 million euros. This term includes all procurement and development projects of the Bundeswehr with an investment volume of 25 million euros or more. These require the separate approval of the budget committee of the German Bundestag before the contract is concluded.


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Bundestag Clears €2.1 Bn for Bundeswehr IT, GBU-54 Bombs, RBS-15 Mk3 Missiles Bundestag Clears €2.1 Bn for Bundeswehr IT, GBU-54 Bombs, RBS-15 Mk3 Missiles Reviewed by Unknown on 04:43:00 Rating: 5

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