UPDATE: Kurdish PM strongly condemns attack in Sweden, expresses condolences

Nechirvan Barzani, the prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government strongly condemned Friday's attack and said the cowardly terrorist act reinforces the need for a broader counterterrorism campaign in a statement issued on Saturday morning:


I strongly condemn yesterday’s terrorist attack by a truck in a busy street in Stockholm city centre that resulted in several civilians being killed and wounded.


I express my condolences and share the grief of the families of the victims and of the Swedish people and government and I wish a speedy recovery for the wounded victims.


At a time when terrorists are losing at battlefields, they try their best to increase their cowardly attacks anywhere in the world.


Yesterday’s terrorist act in Stockholm and similar attacks elsewhere, reinforce the need for a broader counterterrorism campaign and a stronger international cooperation to deter and defeat terror and terrorists.

Barzani and Kurdish ministers had hosted a Swedish delegation in Erbil on Wednesday including deputy PM Isabella Lovin.


A police officer controls the scene where a truck crashed into a department store Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Jessica Gow | AFP via Getty

Swedish authorities say man in custody is suspect in attack killing 4

11:37 a.m.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A Swedish prosecutor says a man detained has been formally identified as a suspect in the killing of four people and wounding at least 15 others after the hijacking a brewery's truck, then driving it into a crowd of people near a department store in Stockholm.

The prosecutor, Hans Ihrman, said the person "of terrorist offenses by murder" who was unidentified suspect should face a pre-trial custody hearing before midday Tuesday or be released.

Jan Evensson of the Swedish police previously said the man they arrested "resembles the person we earlier have sought after" in Friday’s truck attack.

The suspect has not been named by Swedish officials.

Sweden has largely been spared the recent terror actions that have hit European major cities over the past two decades. 

The death toll from the attack rose to four, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven confirmed in a press conference.

“If it’s a terrorist act, the aim is to undermine democracy, but such acts will never succeed in Sweden,” Lofven said late Friday night, adding that there were at least 15 other injured victims. “Our message is clear: You will never ever win.”

Sweden is a member of the coalition to defeat ISIS and has military advisers stationed in the Kurdistan Region.

Shorsh Kadir, the Kurdistan Regional Government's Representative to Sweden strongly condemned the attack on Friday night.

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  1. What Changed? Don't tell me you have finally seen you have a Muslim / Terrorist problem?
    Who said, "Such acts will never succeed in Sweden"... Really?
    When you turn a blind eye to it?!?! FACTS: Lethal violence... Rapes... Crime... Gangs... never mind Muslims will soon be the majority in Sweden. "Wake Up People" you let them in your country, now deal with it or do something! You Welcomed Them With Open Arms.. Good Luck!


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